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Tackling the Virtual Culture Dilemma: 

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Hi, I'm Lisa Holden Rovers

Founder of Workplace Matters | Leadership & Team Coach 

I am passionate about empowering leaders worldwide to become the coach their team needs - to foster a culture of meaning, connection, and positive impact. I also enjoy helping teams understand each other's work styles, priorities, and preferences, enabling them to collaborate effectively - no matter where they are officing from!

Results you'll get by working together.


Increase your confidence and potential to inspire, influence, and coach your team, while gaining a better work-life balance.


Improve how the team interacts and performs by helping them connect and work better together - wherever they are. 



Spark a culture where people thrive through uncertainty and change with greater resilience and well-being.

How we can work together. 



We understand the critical role of leadership in fostering well-being and driving performance. Each leader possesses a distinct set of strengths, hidden assumptions, and blind spots that directly influence team engagement and results.

Our coaching and training programs are specifically tailored to help leaders transition from mere 'team managers' to inspiring 'team coaches.' We equip leaders with the mindset, skillset, and habits to maximize team effectiveness and foster individual growth.

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Teamwork plays a crucial role in our work lives, influencing our productivity, satisfaction, and overall success. However, effective teamwork doesn't happen by chance‚ÄĒit requires intentional development and practice.

Let us partner with you to design a customized approach to team development. Whether through an in-person or virtual Everything DiSC¬ģ or Five Behaviors¬ģ workshop, a targeted coaching engagement, or a transformative team retreat, we'll collaborate to enhance your team's cohesion, communication, and effectiveness.

let's elevate my team


In today's world of uncertainty,¬†people¬†yearn for more than just a paycheck‚ÄĒthey seek a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and connection in their work.

Empower your team members to strengthen their resilience, uncover their inner purpose, and align with the broader business mission. Introduce our signature workshop, Finding Purpose and Meaning in an Uncertain World of Work, to your workplace, and cultivate a culture where employees thrive personally and professionally.

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Here's a few kind words from clients. 


"The tools and coaching model Lisa taught has made me a better leader.  I am more effective at supporting, motivating, and satisfying my team's needs.  It’s a shift from telling to coaching and guiding others.  It has resulted in improved performance, greater job satisfaction, and employee retention. Lisa is easy to work with and it’s apparent she believes in and uses what she teaches."

Jim Hanson, Engineering Leader


"We needed help with unproductive conflict. Lisa's team coaching empowered our managers to create a more cohesive team that discusses issues openly and works towards common goals. Lisa was able to meet the needs of each personality. She adjusted her interaction to ensure everyone felt heard, understood, and gave their best. Her perceptions and intuition helped the team create a more positive work environment, which became noticeable in all levels in our organization."  

Mickey Greiner, Executive Director


"I find myself consciously thinking about leadership as opposed to having leadership happen in a passive way. Working with Lisa has opened my eyes to the fact that good leaders work at it and are intentional in their leadership. Being a new executive leader, Lisa's coaching has been a great benefit in terms of reframing my views of what constitutes a leader."

Kate Shaughnessy, Chief Governance and Compliance Officer


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