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This is My Why

In 2005, I founded Workplace Matters with a vision to create work environments where people can be their best and contribute to something they believe in.

Over the years, the what and how have changed, but the why remains the same.


Hi, I'm Lisa Holden Rovers



In her Netflix special, author and researcher, Brené Brown cited a study which found the opposite of belonging was fitting in. 


“True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are, it requires you to be who you are.”


I deeply understood what this meant. As a child, I was shy, and I struggled with my sense of belonging. Attending nine schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12, I had my fill of trying to fit in.

As an adult, I overcame my shyness, I stepped outside my comfort zone, and I learned to lead. I've proven that people can bypass self-doubt, tap into their strengths and resourcefulness, and become the inspiring leader their team needs to thrive in today's complex world of work. 

As a coach, I encourage leaders to leverage their strengths and practice new approaches to lead their teams. I heIp them find their way in the world of work and inspire a sense of "I've got this."  

It's my purpose and my passion.

A common thread throughout my career has been seeing the potential in people - whether they see it in themselves or not - and help them step into what is possible.

When people feel seen, heard, and connected, their stress goes down, they increase their resilience, and they pour more into their work and others - in a significantly meaningful way.

Today, my role as a coach, is to uncover and build up leadership and team potential so every person I work with understands they matter.

Who they are is important to their work, it’s important to their well-being, and it’s important to the difference they make in the world.

It all starts with YOU. 

I want to help you spread your leadership light and spark a culture where everyone thrives.

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