Let’s celebrate the fact that we have 366 days in 2016.  What will you do to make the most of that extra day?  In fact, what will you do each and every day to make each day your masterpiece?

In his book Today Matters, best selling author, John Maxwell states:

“there are two ingredients to make every day a masterpiece:  decisions and discipline.  They are like two sides of the same coin; you could call them ‘goal setting’ and ‘goal getting’.” 

He encourages readers to make a decision early and then manage it.  I love this line. Really think about what that statement means. Make your decision and then manage it. There is a certain simplicity in that, yet the complexity comes in the execution.

If you make a good decision today and practice good disciplines around that decision each and every day, you should experience better results tomorrow – or at least a future tomorrow.

In 2011, when I began studying to be trained as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, I met a young lady named Linett from Norway.  We each had to give a 5 minute speech and her speech truly demonstrated John’s principle in action.

When Linett was younger, she was very shy and found it difficult to speak with people or even look them in the eye. One day, she made a decision to change, bought a few self-help books (one of which was Today Matters), and then went about the difficult daily practice of working on herself to the point where she started taking risks that literally made her physically ill. She persevered, knowing that the actions she took each and every day would make a big difference to her results.

Eventually, Linett’s decision and discipline paid off and she came to a place in her personal growth where she could give a powerful 5 minute speech, with good eye contact, to a table of 10 strangers.

So, my friend, what’s your answer to the question:

What is ONE giant leap you could take that would improve your results exponentially in 2016?

What is that one Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) which you want to make a decision on?  What are the daily disciplines that you need to take to make each of your days – and ultimately your year – a masterpiece?


If you know you need support with making the right decision in one area of your business or career, and then managing that decision daily, let’s talk. Contact Lisa to set up a complimentary discovery session, and together we’ll get you clear on your goal and how best to get there.



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