The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game

Are you ready to play {The Leadership Game}?

Looking for a new way to unite and ignite your leadership team?  If so, let’s play The Leadership Game!

The Leadership Game is like no other leadership tool you have ever experienced.  It is a comprehensive resource based on the timeless leadership principles of world renowned leadership expert, John C. Maxwell.  Learning these principles will help your leadership team become better leaders who build better teams and better organizations.

What is The Leadership Game?  

This board game is a valuable group coaching tool.  The Game allows everyone to gather around the table and participate in a leadership exchange.  Every question and discussion card is designed to trigger open, honest feedback.  Through the power of reflection and dialogue, team members understand core leadership principles, learn to embrace where they are on the leadership journey, and increase their ability to appreciate one another’s strengths – which is a winning edge for any team and organization!

By playing The Leadership Game, you will raise the leadership intelligence of your team and bring about positive change through communication and connection.

What will you and your team experience?  

  • Team building using a fun, engaging tool
  • Test your grasp of everyday leadership values and practices
  • Engage in open discussions in a relaxed setting
  • Discover ways to strengthen your leadership abilities
  • Forge stronger relationships
  • Gain new insight and solutions to issues that are raised

How is The Leadership Game played?

In just 90 minutes around a board room table, your team will have a fun, yet challenging experience.  The Leadership Game is facilitated by a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach who is trained in timeless leadership principles.

Contact me to facilitate The Leadership Game with your team!

Lisa Holden Rovers is the Founder of Workplace Matters, where she serves as a powerful catalyst to grow your leadership influence and build stronger, more cohesive teams.  Curious how Lisa can support you or your organization?  Contact Lisa for a complimentary discovery session to discuss your unique situation and challenges.





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