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My {Top 10 Quotes} From the HRIA Conference

This past month I had the pleasure of participating in  the 2016 Human Resources Institute of Alberta Conference on Navigating the Booms and Busts.  My biggest take-away from that conference was how HR professionals need to be risk takers, be bold and courageous in paving new directions that may disrupt the status quo.  I believe this is true of all leaders.

In fact, research shows that followers want their leaders to be more active about finding new opportunities.

Leading and navigating the change process is vital to taking advantage of new opportunities.  Yet people don’t like disruption and change.  In addition, all to often, leaders find being bold uncomfortable and too risky.

It is my hope that by sharing ten of my favourite quotes – David Letterman style – that you too will be inspired to seek new opportunities and take bold action in your own life and leadership.

10. “Creativity will become a core competency in the next 10 years.”  Dan Boucher

9. “Change is a process, even good change.”  Laurel Benson

8. “Accept ambiguity as part of the change.”  Todd Hirsh

7. “The masses don’t choose causes, they choose leaders and will follow leaders into causes.”  Kevin Ames

6. “People have less resistance if they know why a change is happening.”  Chris McNally

5. “Leaders tend to forget that you have to continually communicate the change long after you have started.”  Susan Borrows

4. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

3. “The biggest obstacle to performance is not doing what you know.”  Alan Fine

2. “Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations.”  Allan Friesen

1. “Be more afraid of losing your designation rather than your job.”  Aly Bandali



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