Five Simple Steps to Design the Year You Want to Live

In an ideal world, each area of your life would be completely fulfilling, aligned with a purpose that gives you great meaning, and something that you find intrinsically rewarding.  However, you are not living in Eutopia!  Purpose and passion filled businesses, careers, lives and teams do not happen by accident.  They happen with intention, backed by action, and supported with purposeful reflection.  If you want different experiences and results in your life, this workbook will help you set yourself for success.

The end of each year marks a perfect opportunity to reflect on and celebrate your past year.  It’s a great time to set new intentions for a successful year ahead. If we skip this important process, we may expect things to change, but nothing does because we haven’t planned for change.

I encourage you not to let that happen to you!  Give yourself the gift of spending a few hours to design the life you want to lead in the year ahead.  The precious moments you spend will go along way to ensuring you are more fulfilled and energized at the end of the year ahead!

To help you get started with this process, I have created this free downloadable workbook, as my gift to you to Lead Your Life by design!

Contact me if you have any questions.  I’d also love to hear how these five steps have helped you set yourself up for greater success in the new year!

Wishing you much success as you work towards designing a more purpose-filled 2019!  All the best for a safe and happy holiday season.




Lisa Holden Rovers, MSc, specializes in helping entrepreneurs, executives and professionals develop the leadership mindset, skill-set, and habits needed to create a thriving business, team and life.  She is a certified leadership coach and award-winning human resources professional.  For over 20 years, Lisa has helped purpose-driven leaders increase their influence and lead high-performing, cohesive teams.  Schedule a complimentary discovery session to start the journey to create a road map for your success.



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