Everything ​DiSC ​Workplace® ​Certification ​is ​your ​best ​resource ​to ​gain ​foundational ​knowledge ​and ​invaluable ​tools ​for ​facilitating ​Everything ​DiSC®. ​Designed ​with ​your ​busy ​schedule ​in ​mind, ​this ​online ​course ​allows ​you ​the ​flexibility ​of ​self-paced ​learning, ​paired ​with ​live-collaborative ​sessions ​led ​by ​our ​expert ​trainers. ​

With ​a ​primary ​purpose ​to ​increase ​confidence ​and ​competence ​in ​delivering ​Everything ​DiSC ​Workplace, ​this ​course ​offers ​rigorous ​new ​content ​on ​the ​principles ​of ​the ​DiSC® ​model ​and ​the ​supporting ​research. ​During ​the ​live ​sessions, ​you’ll ​complete ​activities ​designed ​to ​give ​you ​practice ​facilitating ​with ​small ​groups ​and ​explore ​challenging ​scenarios ​that ​could ​come ​up ​during ​your ​workshops. ​You ​will ​also ​learn ​how ​to ​keep ​Everything ​DiSC ​alive ​in ​your ​organization ​by ​creating ​a ​culture ​of ​DiSC ​and ​be ​introduced ​to ​MyEverythingDiSC.com, ​our ​mobile-friendly, ​interactive ​learning ​portal ​that ​is ​exclusive ​to ​Everything ​DiSC.

Registration Details:

To Register for an upcoming online certification course contact info@workplacematters.ca or call 403-816-4115

With Everything DiSC Workplace Certification, you will have access to a full suite of Everything DiSC solutions. Explore these resources at www.demo.everythingdisc.com.



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