Research continues to prove that there is a positive correlation between employee engagement and organizational performance.


Only 16% of Canadian employees are fully engaged at work?


Not Engaged

Actively Disengaged


The top three drivers of employee engagement are:

Relationship with immediate supervisor
Belief in senior leadership
Pride in working for the company

What would your organizational performance look like if leaders at all levels could increase employee engagement by 10%?

Workplace Matters’ leadership solutions help organizations build a strong leadership culture – one where leaders develop the mindset, skillset and habits that inspire team members and influence results.




“Research shows that enduring business performance is really driven at much deeper levels: a focus on leadership strategy. Long term business performance comes from leadership culture and careful and continuous development of leadership at all levels.”


We’ll help you determine your leadership development priorities and design a program that best fits your needs. We are not a cookie-cutter service provider. We apply recognized performance improvement methodology to design and deliver programs that help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Here’s our proven approach:

Conduct a complimentary “What’s Now, What’s Next” Discovery Session.

We’ll spend time discovering and understanding your organization’s unique challenges, workplace culture, goals and outcomes, and how they can and will be measured.

Prepare a “Leadership Success Roadmap” tailored to your organization.

We’ll recommend a leadership development solution that obtains the results you desire, within the context of your overall business strategy and budget. Here is a snapshot of some of the solutions this could include:
Facilitated workshops
Individual or group coaching
Assessment tools
Pre- and post- assignments
Leadership round tables
Mastermind group study
Lunch and learn presentations

Are you interested in exploring some of the key tools and programs we offer? CLICK HERE.

Partner with you to design and deliver a successful program.

We’ll  partner with you to design and deliver a successful program that engages people in taking personal responsibility for their growth. We’ll continue our learning partnership through periodic checks to review how we are progressing. Together we’ll identify opportunities to fine-tune the delivery and ensure we meet the changing needs of your organization.

Conduct a “What’s New, What’s Next” Review Meeting.

We’ll evaluate the progress your leaders have made and determine next steps to support sustainable change.

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